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Odacity is a Public Relations and Communication Strategy company that combines the experience and vision of professionals from the European and American Public Relations, communications and entertainment industries, to form a unique structure, comprising a P.R. /Communication  strategy team, an audiovisual  production unit   , and a project management structure.

Based in Brussels (Belgium) and Los Angeles (USA), our team develops communication  and Public Relations strategies, accompanies the launching and marketing of brands, products, services and  international projects, across sectors. 

Our track record includes successful design and implementation of communication strategies, P.R. campaigns and major awareness raising campaigns for NGO's , intergovernmental and International organisations (such as the European Commission);  brands,  services and products for major private sector companies, individual celebrities and artists. We worked successfully with companies of all sizes, with governments, politicians, musicians and international artists. Our combined knowledge and experience of  the  media sectors, politics, and governmental institutions, and entertainment sectors in various countries makes us unique in our know-how and our vision. 


We provide management services  and whenever required, training, in every step of the way to help your ideas, projects, products and brands developing a unique image, gaining visibility in new markets and reaching out to target audiences. 

Odacity develops and implements a P.R. and communication  strategies  for  all genres of  products, brands and services, in all sectors, from the design of the P.R. and communication strategy, or awareness raising campaign,  to training of in-house marketing teams and management levels within companies, to providing full-scale  implementation of P.R. and communication strategies, media work  (print, audio-visual media, social media.)  under the supervision of the client. The company also provides strategic advice and  support in negotiations between individuals, companies and  their counterparts in regards to P.R., marketing and communication and access to new markets / reaching out to target audiences.

Our audio-visual production and artists management  unit provides full production services, from graphic design of print advertisement campaigns, to finalised music and video productions, TV and radio advertisements, live shows,  music productions, and other types of audio-visual productions. Our team also offers career  development advice, acting in selected cases, as artist management / and secondment of label and production firm mexecutives for small independent structures lacking know how and specialised  staff.


Our audio-visual production unit includes its  own independent music label, Odacity Records. Our musical productions (singles, full albums, as well as music videos)  for artists and other independent labels have reached top ten chart positions in several countries. Live shows designed and produced by us on behalf of artists and other production companies have enabled International artists to tour across the world successfully, reaching out to new audiences.  

We provide also training for celebrities politicians, governmental officials, artists, high level private sector manager) in how to communicate efficiently with media,  respond successfully t journalists in  interviews and have their message transmitted clearly in an unobstructed and comprehensible way. 

Our services include the development of the individual image, formulation and wording of the messagedsfor individuals, and brands, helping our clients to emphasise the unique identity; right angle , find the most efficient language, and  develop with them also  the visual aspects for their brands. 

We believe that in a world, where the conversation has become global, the unique identity of each brand, project, brand and idea requires the right tools to get the attention they deserve.

Odacity not only providers those tools, but assists the clients, upon, their request,; by training them  and their teams;  making the efforts sustainable beyond the phasing out of our involvement

Our multilingual and multi-cultural team's unique in-depth knowledge of  different markets, with their respective  languages, communication cultures, media landscapes and consumer habits, enables Odacity to act as a bridge between companies from all over the world, and the markets and target audiences, to whom our clients wishes to  present their brands, products, services and message.  

Our strength is based on in depth analysis and understanding of our client's positioning,  perspectives in objectives and goals, and in presenting them with  tailor-made solutions and strategies. We understand that each case, each project is unique, and give our full attention to find the right approach for each project. 

For more information on our services and our references, please contact us .